Here I will try and describe myself to anyone who is interested in the "person" behind Hero TONMA.

My real name is Thomas Lloyd Packer and am now 37 years of age. I have always been interested in drawing. When I was younger I made comic books and loved to draw. As I got older and the computers became more and more powerful I started to get interested in graphics and design on computers. First I just played around with the C64, then Deluxe Paint and Imagine on Amiga. It was not until I came to a media school in 1992 that I really got interested in what PCs had to offer. There I learned photograpy, digital manipulation and Desk Top Publishing, and soon found my way to AutoDesk's 3D Studio. I have used my skills in several areas now and have over 7 years of work experience, mainly using Photoshop and 3D Studio MAX to produce illustrations and animation for educational purposes.

I have many plans and ideas for stories I want to tell and visualize, and hopefully I can get started in the near future to realize them, but right now I am looking for a graphics job which can give me new challanges. Other than graphics design I am really into movies and books, mostly sci-fi and horror. Storytelling has always fasinated me, so it was just natural that I also started enjoying computer games when they began to have complicated stories to tell.

I play a lot of computer games. Either some with very interesting storytellig like HalfLife2 or multiplayer games. Where you fight other people online. It's really the most fun ever. I think it brings back the urges from prehistoric men. The feeling to be victorious over other men in combat, and thereby prove your manlihood... eventhough it's all virtual.

Other than computer games, I also enjoy listening to music, mostly electronic and industrial, but 80's disco music always gets me up and dancing. Take a look on my links page for some great internet surfing. :)